Discover Iran – 15 Days

Iran, a country with a very ancient history. Modern in its own way and surprising on all fronts. We at Discover Jordan are very pleased to offer you a trip to this magical place. The journey begins in the capital Tehran. This city offers historical highlights such as Golestan Palace, modern neighborhoods such as North Tehran and the authenticity of its culture that we are looking for at biggest souq in the world: the Tehran Bazaar.
From this colorful city we travel other locations in the country. We fly to Shiraz and visit Persepolis. Via Kerman and Yazd we travel to Isfhahan. After visiting Qom and Isfahan, we continue driving through a beautiful landscape back to Tehran.
Will you join us?

Day 1 – Arrival in Shiraz
Today you are arriving in one of most beautiful cities of Iran, Shiraz. After arrival you will be picked up at the airport and transferred to the Hotel in Shiraz.


Day 2 & 3 – Exploring Shiraz
The first two days we spend in Shiraz. Visit Nasir Al Mulk Mosque, known for its beautiful lighting in the morning. Then go to Eram and Narenjanstand Gardens – typical Persian gardens which are well known all over the world. Visit the Old Jameh Mosque and the Tomb of Hafez – one of Iran’s most famous poets. Nowadays this place is where a lot of young Iranians are coming to relax and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.


Day 4 – Persepolis
Today we go 2.500 years back in time. From Shiraz we drive to Persepolis. The name Persepolis given by the Greek after they conquered this city. The city used to be named Parsa. Built by Darius I Persepolis was a a place where world leaders came together to celebrate the new year. After Persepolis we visit Pasargae and Necropolis. At the end of the afternoon we drive back to Shiraz where you can visit the souq at night.


Day 5 – Shiraz – Kerman
Today we drive 480km from Shiraz to Kerman, the capital of the province Kerman. On the way, we stop at different historical sites such as Sasan Palace and the Neyriz Jame Mosque, and at a big saline lake. When we drive from Shiraz to Kerman the landscapes are changing from green hills to a more desert-like scenario.
Day 6 – Kerman – Shahdad – Lut Desert
From Kerman we drive to Shahdad – a small village at the border of the Lut desert, one the driest in the world. In this area there are many different tribes living in small villages. Here you can experience the wideness from the desert. After a desert tour we drive back to Kerman. On the way, we stop in Mahan, also a little desert village. We overnight on the way in a Canvanserai. This is how people overnight back in the days on the silk-route.


Day 7 – Kerman – Yazd
Today we leave the Area of Kerman and we head to Yazd. Around noon we arrive in Yazd. After check in at the Dad Hotel in Yazd, one of the most beautiful hotels in Iran. You have the rest of the afternoon time to relax.


Day 8 – Yazd
Yazd is one of the oldest cities in the world and the center of Zoroastrianism – an ancient, pre-Islamic religion of Persia.
In Yazd we are visiting the fire temples and the everlasting Fire, an important Temple for the Zoroaster.


Day 9 – Yazd – Isfahan
We leave this interesting area to go to Isfahan. The 1001 night city. Isfahan is like a dream city. Everywhere there are beautiful buildings, sites and gardens. But before we arrive to Isfahan we visit MeyBod, well known for its historic water cooling installations.
Day 10 – Isfahan
Isfahan is the second biggest city of Iran. There we find the Naqsh-e Jahan Square (also Imam Square, or Shah Square) an UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest city squares in the world. This city is a turquoise, glitter amidst a green fertile oasis near the vastness of the central Iranian desert. We visit all the Isfahan highlights and also the well-known bridges.


Day 11 – Isfahan
Free day in Isfahan.


Day 12 – Isfahan – Kashan – Qom
After a nice time in Isfahan, we are leaving for a new experience – traveling to Kashan. After a photo stop in Kashan we are going to visit Qom, the holiest city of Iran. This is where the Ayatollahs have there head offices and one of the biggest Quraan schools. The we will visit the Shrine of Fatimeh. We overnight in Qom.


Day 13 – Qom – Tehran
After breakfast we depart to the capital city Tehran. The start of our tour is at the souq, one of the biggest bazaars in the world. Visit the Golestan Palace, the oldest building of the city. Then we head to the north of Tehran. Ferarri’s, skyscrapers and big villa’s is what you will see.


Day 14 – Tehran
Today is the last day of our tour. We are planning an optional ski trip to Dizin for everyone who wants to come. If you want this extra experience let us know by booking.


Day 15 – Departure



1st of April 2017